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The pride of Taiwan~16th Asian Roller Skating Championships NUTN student Yang He- Zhen won two golds, five slivers, two copper medals

The 16th Asian Roller Skating Championships took place in Haining City China from September19 to September 28, there were fifteen countries to participate. After ten days competition, NUTN student Yang He- Zhen, representing Taiwan, won two golds, five slivers, and two copper medals in the championship.
The competition was very intense. In addition to adapt the venue, physical load was also a challenge to athletes. . Moreover, Yang He- Zhen’s outstanding performance and sporting spirit and the interaction with audiences, attracted attention. She won herself the sponsors from international renowned company for her future. Her outstanding performance not only won her personal success but promoted diplomacy via sports for Taiwan, hoping she has more brilliant performance at the coming competition, Argentina National Roller Skating Championships in November.


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