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The NUTN 2014 Clubs Fair

NUTN held the 2014 Clubs fair in the afternoon on September 10 in order to help freshmen students have a whole idea about student clubs on campus. All clubs on campus showed the freshmen their goals, talents and values. The fair is an opportunity for new students who’ve just entered the college to find their interests and fill their college life with splendid colors.
The activity convener, student Kuo Hsyuan-Hao, expressed that clubs are an indispensible part in the college life, and encourages freshmen to find clubs they’re interested in. Professor Lee Chien-I, Dean of the Student Affairs Office, approves of the effort all clubs put into the things they have passion for. He hopes all students can make most of time after school and make college life an unforgettable time in their whole lives.



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