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President Wang Ru-Cheh invited to deliver a speech on Facing Challenges to Achieve Success by NUTN

NUTN invited President Wang Ru-Cheh, NTCU, to deliver a speech on how to Achieve Success’ from his personal experiences on October 21. He told students about his journey in life and his road to success. He shared his thoughts and what he learned from the challenges he encountered with to let students have a better idea of how to solve rigorous problems they face.
President Wang was a PhD of the UK’s Manchester University He currently is the president of NTCU. Wang said that he grew up in a financially difficult family and gradually knew that education is the only way to change his social position. He thinks that difficulties and challenges are a thing people must face and learn to deal with in life, what’s important is how to think positively to gain strength and grow. President Wang also encouraged students of NUTN to grasp every chance to learn and well-manage time to achieve their life success.


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