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Campus News
NUTN held makeup and etiquette promotion course for NUTNFA

In order to make NUTNFA to receive the guest with wonderful appearances and elegant manners, NUTN held an etiquette training course on October 22 for students. Over one hundred more students participated in this course.
This training course specially invited Chen Mei-Hong from Shiseido Company. The course contents included basic skin maintenance and make up skills to the position of walking, sitting, standing etc. Teacher Chen used simply way to explain to help students learn and understand.
Besides, to welcome the new coming NUTAFA trainees, NUTNFA held the welcome party. During the party, the team seniors shared their experiences and mature, hoped every ambassadors can establish their confidence, the sense of honor and accomplishment.
Lee Chien-I, Dean of the Student Affairs Office, said that he highly appreciated of students’ passion about participating in this course. NUTNFA has become the best communication between NUTN and its guests.


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