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NUTN Student Yang He-Zhen Qualified to Enter the Juveniles Summer Olympics [ 2014-09-23 ]

Yang He-Zhen, a senior student in the Physical Education Department, NUTN, represented the Chinese Taipei team and competed in the second Juveniles Summer Olympics. Yang is the record holder for speed ice-skating and is the only representative of this field from Asian countries... President Huang met her before departure and encouraged her to continue to pursue excellence. Yang has showed outstanding performance in many international ice-skating competitions these years. At the same time, her academic performance in NUTN is highly recognized. There are several prestigious firms willing to offer her scholarships to let her finish her PhD degree in NUTN. Without financial concerns, she may concentrate on her practices and go for the 2017 Taipei Olympics and bring greater honor to our country.

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NUTN 2014 Summer Service Teams Report:Nei-An Elementary School Summer Camp [ 2014-09-23 ]
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The Seagull Club of NUTN headed for Nei-An Elementary School in Penghu to hold a two-week summer camp from July 21 to 31.They provided curricula and activities with high quality to local students. The Club was supported by local community and welcomed by 40 elementary students. The members of the Club expect that the participant students may open their minds and increase knowledge under their service. Lee Chien-I, Dean of the Student Affairs Office, greatly recognized the effort and hard work the Seagull club has put into this activity. He hopes the Seagull club students will have a new vision in the future.

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