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NUTN Obtaining Records Management Quality Awards of the NAA [ 2012-11-20 ]
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The National Archives Administration (NAA) set up the Records Management Quality Award in 2001. The purpose of the Award is to set up the benchmark for quality document management for organization to self-improvement. Recently the NAA has announced its 10th of Records Management Quality Award. There are only 9 universities out of the 100 participants to receive the award for their excellence. NUTN obtained this award. On October 3, the NUTN President Huang Hsiu-Shuang led the staff to attend the awarding ceremony. For its 114 years of the school history, NUTN owns a plenty of treasurable archives and documents. The NUTN arranges a series of conservation plan on establishing the History Museum of NUTN and Bo Yang Museum, creating digital project of the NUTN historical records, holding special exhibition of archives and permanent exhibition of the NUTN historical culture. The NUTN integrates high-quality digital technologies to display its wealth culture for local and foreign people to visit.

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NUTN Inviting Director Yao Ren-Lu as Speaker on Lecture on Liberal Education [ 2012-11-20 ]
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On November 13, the NUTN held the lecture by inviting Director Yao Ren-Lu from dX Creative House to make a speech on Innovation and Creation in Wen-Huei Hall (J106). Director Yao served as a Chairman in Taipei Association of Interior Designers, a Supervisor and Executive Supervisor in Chinese Society of Interior (CSID), a Director in the Foundation for Excellent Journalism Award and a Deputy Director and Director in Da Ai Television, and took over the current position in dX Creative House. At the beginning of this lecture, Director Yao took Tim Berners Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web and Steve Jobs, the Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of Apple Inc. as examples to explain how important to be creative and how great its influence will be. Substantially creation came from imagination and intuition, it was boundless, open-minded and originative. According the survey responded by business leaders done by the International Business Machines (IBM), it reveals 3 conclusions, including that global development became complicated, many countries were unprepared for future and business leaders should possess creative capacity. These conclusions presented that having creative ability could assist businesses and companies to promote their achievements. Due to that creation was unique and unprecedented, it might bring the uncertain side and make creators restrict inspiration. Director Yao also uses his learning Italian as an example. He said that he was not familiar with it but hefound out his insufficiency and kept learning to upgrade his ability and creation. Thus, he encouraged all participants did not feel scared to learn more and think more and then create their own ideas and build up their creative capacity. It was believed that all participants in this lecture learned more new perspective on creation from his speech.

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